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We call ourselves hitchhikers because we are all hitching a ride to Farmz2u's goal and that path is determined by our individual goals.

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You don't have to be an agricultural expert to align to Farmz2u's goal. However, you should have an interest in creating impact and delivering value.

Meet those who have contributed to what we are building at Farmz2u

We are a small team working across Product, Engineering, Operations and Marketing (including Sales).

Current Hitchhikers

Aisha Raheem
Vision Director

Leads the team in delivering its strategic objectives and vision of empowering the next generation of farmers

Olúwatìmìlé̩hìn Akogün
Solutions Architect

Provides the direction of product development for comparative advantage using cutting edge technology.

Victor Olufemi
Data Scientist

Oversees our data and AI strategies whilst utilising future forward themes to enhance traceability.

Famous Paul
Product Gatekeeper

Ensures timely delivery of product development and ensures the optimal use of resources.

Tèmítọ́pẹ́ Olukanmi
Success Hacker

Coordinates company activities ensuring alignment to strategic objectives.

Chisom Umeoke
Product Validator

Works as a sidekick to the Product Gatekeeper, implementing software and product designs.

Faeedat Olukoya
Customer Success

Identify and source for partnership opportunities through inbound lead follow up and outbound cold calls, emails and Farm visits.

Oliver Otieno
Agricultural Intelligence Specialist

Conduct Data Collection, Due diligence of farmer Data and Research on Technical Data of Crops

Flourish Erhijakpo
Workflow Guru

Managing the Executive’s schedule and secondary tasks, as well as making research on matters relevant to the Organization's growth.

Past Hitchhikers

Ikechuku Ukpa
Product Gatekeeper

Ensures timely delivery of product development and ensures the optimal use of resources.

Marquis Abah
Customer Success

Oversees customer intelligence with tactics that optimise customer satisfaction at every point of our sales cycle.

Odunola Martins
IT Analyst

Incharge of Realtime Troubleshooting and maintenance of Digital Platform

Iyanu Fred
Marketing Specialist

Incharge of handling our various communicaton channels

What drives a Farmz2u Hitchhiker?

The team is guided by personal values, some of which are inspired by our favorite companies

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Be Kind Always
Obsess over Customers
Invent! Invent! Invent!
Question Everything Always
Learn! Unlearn! Relearn!!!

Farmz2u is an environment where undiscovered talents flourish

There is no limitation to horizontal and vertical movements with each Farmz2u Hitchhiker (HH) responsible for driving individual growth. We are big on learning and development, providing an unlimited budget to every Farmz2u HH to learn a new skill or improve an existing one as long as the new skill is transferable to Farmz2u.

For instance, a Marketing Analyst may decide to become a Graphics Designer. Hear from Timothy Yongo on how he achieved this. However, our L&D budget would not fund architecture skill development because it is not transferrable to the Farmz2u universe.

Becoming a Farmz2u Hitchhiker How?

At Farmz2u, we want to learn from you as much as you learn from us. We know you might not hitch a ride with us until our final destination, who knows when that will be! But while on the journey together we commit to working together to empowering the next generation of smallholder farmers in Africa.

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